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2nd Technology Idol Shocks Everybody With His Wonderful Alcohol Tolerance

Right here’s the complete story of how he drank 97 bottles of soju.

On a latest episode of UHMG’s Jae’s Mates, 2nd era idol former TVXQ!’s Kim Jaejoong revealed his surprising alcohol tolerance.

As he sat right down to rooster stew with singer Jung Yeob, they started speaking about one another’s alcohol tolerance. Jung Yeob shared that he has solely been consuming beer lately, as an alternative of soju.

Soju, being considered one of South Korea’s consultant alcoholic spirits, is what individuals use to measure their alcohol tolerance often. Whereas Jaejoong isn’t positive about his tolerance presently, throughout his peak consuming days, he as soon as drank 97 bottles of soju in complete!

He as soon as went to Busan for the Busan Worldwide Movie Competition. Though Jaejoong didn’t specify when this incident was, a fast search reveals that he attended in each 2012 and 2019. Throughout his journey there, he drank 7 bottles on the metropolis of Gijang first, earlier than they moved to Haundae for a second spherical. There, they drank three crates of soju, at a complete of 90 bottles! That’s already 97 bottles of soju.

In a while, Jaejoong went again to his lodgings and found a bottle of whiskey, and a bottle of Bokbunja (raspberry liquor) within the fridge. He completed the 2 and eventually went to sleep.

Jaejoong didn’t point out how many individuals had been in his social gathering, or if he downed the lot himself, however 97 bottles amongst a bunch can also be no simple feat. He’s in all probability unrivalled in alcohol tolerance at this level!


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