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“Did You Put on Underpants?” TXT’s Yeonjun And GOT7’s BamBam Reveal What They Put on Beneath Skirts

Each TXT‘s Yeonjun and GOT7‘s BamBam are recognized for his or her excessive style. In addition they each break gender norms by rocking clothes and accessories which can be historically worn by girls, akin to skirts and purses.

So, naturally, the subject of style got here up when Yeonjun guested on BamBam’s YouTube interview sequence Bam’s Home. BamBam counseled Yeonjun for his model and requested him if he preferred to decorate up. Yeonjun defined that he’s thinking about style and doesn’t restrict himself to any model.

BamBam: You’re well-known for dressing up nicely.

Yeonjun: Actually?

BamBam: You want dressing up?

Yeonjun: I prefer it. I’ve excessive curiosity in it.

BamBam: What’s your normal for dressing up?

Yeonjun: I’m open and take a look at quite a lot of issues. I don’t actually put a limitation.

Assembly a kindred spirit, BamBam requested Yeonjun for suggestions on the place to buy. Neither have preferences; they like one thing so long as it’s fairly.

BamBam: Truthfully, the place do you store? I’ve nowhere to buy these days.

Yeonjun: Actually? I normally store on-line. You want sure model or…?

BamBam: I don’t have any choice. I’m good with any. So long as it’s fairly.

Yeonjun: That’s my mentality too. I purchase usually in non-brand retailer or choose store.

BamBam: In choose store. Okay.

BamBam advised Yeonjun that he, too, likes skirts. But, he struggles to put on them. Yeonjun tried to reassure him, saying he would pull it off.

BamBam: And the skirt…

Yeonjun: Sure, I like skirt too..

BamBam: However skirt… It’s one of many gadgets I actually like too. It’s laborious to digest that style.

Yeonjun: I believe you’ll digest it nicely.

BamBam defined that his concern was really beneath the skirt. He doesn’t wish to really feel the air coming in from underneath it. So, he requested Yeonjun if he wore underpants along with his skirts. Yeonjun mentioned that he normally wears pants.

BamBam: No, no, no. Inside… When there’s solely underwear, I don’t just like the wind coming in. I actually hate that feeling. Did you put on underpants?

Yeonjun: I put on pants inside.

But, Yeonjun shockingly revealed that typically he doesn’t put on underwear underneath the skirt as a result of he likes to be cool. Whereas BamBam didn’t essentially share the identical choice on this case, he revered Yeonjun’s decisions.

BamBam: Put on underpants individually too?

Yeonjun: I don’t suppose I did.

BamBam: That’s good.

Yeonjun: It must be cool throughout summer time.

Historically, Scottish troopers didn’t put on underwear beneath kilts, so it shouldn’t be all that stunning! That is the origin of the expression “going commando, in any case.

Watch the complete episode under.

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