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Netizens Have Blended Reactions To A Fan’s Reward To ENHYPEN’s Heeseung After The Group’s Live performance

“It’s type of disrespectful…”

Netizens have had blended reactions to a present given to ENHYPEN‘s Heeseung after one of many group’s concert events in America.

ENHYPEN’s Heeseung | @ENHYPEN_Members/Twitter

After the group’s reveals, they’re given the prospect to work together with followers throughout a particular “Ship-off” occasion, and there have been some really iconic moments.

But, one clip has gained blended reactions from netizens.

The video that has gained consideration from each Korean and worldwide followers noticed Heeseung being confused after being handed a wad of cash. Though the workers took it off him and handed it again to the fan, Heeseung was seen to thank the ENGENE earlier than being moved away.

| theqoo 

Whereas some followers discovered the gesture completely hilarious, particularly how confused Heeseung appeared…

Different followers had extra detrimental reactions to the gesture. One fan defined that not solely was it extraordinarily disrespectful but in addition added that it might be deemed “racist.”

When many questioned why, they linked to a different fan explaining the “tipping tradition” in Korea, and why some idols may discover it offensive.

Others simply discovered it disrespectful and thought that one of the simplest ways to showcase appreciation for an idol is thru phrases.

Some additionally defined how the occasions had modified, with the members having extra limits placed on them due to a number of the followers’ actions.

In fact, there have been some really superb moments from the ENHYPEN send-off occasions. But, whereas actions like this may be acceptable towards Western artists, followers imagine it may not have the identical that means to K-Pop idols.


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