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Too A lot Info? ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Ji Woong And GOT7’s BamBam Go Viral For Surprising TMI Tales

ZEROBASEONE‘s (often known as ZB1) Kim Ji Woong and GOT7‘s BamBam confirmed they know the true that means of “TMI!”

BamBam (left) and Kim Ji Woong (proper) | @studio_horakhorak/Instagram

K-Pop idols are sometimes requested to share TMIs. In English, “TMI” is an abbreviation for “an excessive amount of info.” It’s often one thing deeply private and even embarrassing. But, in Korean, “TMI” is principally used to imply irrelevant or a random incident of 1’s day. Worldwide followers have been confused about why idols’ TMIs are so tame, contemplating the phrase’s true that means.

What does TMI imply in kpop?
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Just lately, BamBam guested on Episode 2 of Kim Ji Woong’s new internet selection present Boy Detective Kim Ji Woong. The 2 pretended to be time vacationers as they revisited the Joseon Dynasty.

BamBam and Ji Woong mentioned the aim of a winnowing basket. Whereas it was used for winnowing and cleansing grain from chaff, bedwetting youngsters had been made to put on it on their heads. BamBam commented that it was “imply” because it was already embarrassing sufficient for a kid to moist their mattress.

There’s a people custom the place youngsters who’re unable to adequately management after they urinate (notably whereas sleeping) are made to put on the okay’i on their head, then despatched to knock on the doorways of their neighbors and ask for salt. This served to publicly embarrass the kid into compliance, as neighbors would acknowledge why the kid was knocking on their door.

— Wikipedia

BamBam then surprisingly requested Ji Woong if he had moist the mattress earlier than. Ji Woong confessed that he had finished it so much at school.

BamBam: Have you ever moist your mattress earlier than?

Kim Ji Woong: Lots. Again at school.

BamBam: Again at school?

Kim Ji Woong: It’s a secret I don’t wish to speak about.

BamBam: I’m certain everybody had that have again at school.

Kim Ji Woong: I feel I used to be in Grade 3 or 2. I used to moist my mattress so much.

BamBam surprisingly requested Ji Woong if he had moist his mattress not too long ago. Ji Woong protested that he hadn’t finished it since he was little.

BamBam: When was the final time you moist your mattress not too long ago?

Kim Ji Woong: I didn’t.

BamBam: Come on. I’m certain you probably did.

So, Ji Woong turned the tables and requested BamBam a private query. BamBam confessed that he farted typically whereas acting on stage with GOT7.

Kim Ji Woong: Whenever you had a live performance?

BamBam: I typically farted. Once I turned… “Who farted?”

Netizens had been stunned by the K-Pop idols’ honesty as so many typically keep away from such matters. So, the clip went viral throughout social media.


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